Up SLH’s Sleeve: Beastek Unconvention for Inventors+

Inventors+ added the idea of unconventions to inventors, alternate power sources than explosive flame. Pathfinder, of course, has beast guns and beast armaments. Why not combine the two ideas? The following unconvention is available to inventors.



Using elements of a slain creature, your innovation is built on techniques adjacent to those used in beast guns, using the natural and unnatural elements of the creature in question to brutal effect. Your innovation gains the beast trait in addition to its other traits, and any effect you create with your innovation is considered to be created by a beast.

Beast Mode ◆

You activate spiritual remnants of the hunt in the gizmos of your beastek innovation, maiming your foes with rending claws and gnashing technological teeth. Attempt a Crafting check that has a standard DC of your level. If you have a weapon innovation, you can choose to change the additional damage from Beast Mode to your choice of piercing or slashing damage.

Critical Success Your gizmos roar to life, surging with power in beast mode. For 1 minute, when you successfully Strike a creature and you have used an action with the move trait this turn, you deal additional damage equal to your Intelligence modifier and the target takes a -1 status penalty to Fortitude and Reflex saves until the start of your next turn.

Success As critical success, except the damage is equal to half your Intelligence modifier.

Failure You fail to motivate the bestial spirit of your innovation, nothing happens.

Critical Failure Unprecedented! Your beastek innovation has lashed out at you instead. You take slashing damage equal to your level, and you can’t use Beast Mode again for 1 minute as your gizmos cool down and reset.

Eviscerate ◆◆

Beast, Inventor, Manipulate, Unstable

You cause your innovation to lash out in a wide arc, brutally goring those in its path. This gory swing targets all creatures in 3 contiguous five-foot cubes, all of which must be adjacent to you (or your innovation if it’s a minion) and take 1d8 slashing damage with a basic Fortitude save. A creature that fails their save also takes persistent bleed damage equal to 2 + half your level, and if they critically fail they’re also sickened 1.

At 3rd level and every 2 levels thereafter, the damage increases by 1d8.

Special If you have the Variable Core feat and you alter your Eviscerate’s damage type, affected creatures take persistent damage of the chosen damage type instead of bleed damage.